Zooom Studios

About Us

Zooom Studios is a newly introduced premier manufacturer and designer of redemption and self-merchandising arcade games!

Premiere Manufacturers / Designers of Redemption Arcade Games

Our Vision

At Zooom Studios, we aspire to revolutionize entertainment by creating captivating, ageless experiences through innovative arcade game design.

Our Mission

Our mission at Zooom Studios is to craft premier redemption and self-merchandising arcade games that ignite a passion for fun.

Our Team

Our seasoned team of industry designers is dedicated to delivering unforgettable entertainment experiences, ensuring players of all ages keep coming back for more.

Our Creative Team

We create engaging entertainment experiences

Glen Kramer


Christine T. Kramer

Office Manager

Julian D. Franco

Director of Design / Graphics Development

Luis Rivera

Production Manager

Larry Morganstein

Financial Controller

John Dondzila

Director of Electrical Engineering

Tom Czaplinski

Technical Director / Lead Audio Engineer

Steve Romine

Lead Mechanical Engineer